Working Like a Dog

Grimm's mom used to return from "work" smelling like other dogs, but now something has changed. On her busiest days, he'd be able to distinguish maybe a dozen different dog smells. It always made him jealous. For the last two weeks, the number has been much higher - several dozen, at least. His nose can't even keep up at this point. Surely Mom can't be playing with that many dogs without him, right?

Even worse, she hasn't been coming home in the middle of the day, like she used to. Why would that be? It wasn't every day before, but it was pretty close. Now she leaves, and she seems to be gone forever. Something weird is going on, for sure.

It all started the day after Mom did that collection of unusual things: she put on a dress, spent a lot of time in the bathroom, and wore really loud shoes. (Well, this time it was just one really loud shoe.) A few hours after she got home, her phone rang. Following a short conversation, there was much squealing and hugging. She hugged Pudge, she hugged Grimm, she hugged them both together. When Dad got home she hugged them all. Grimm had no idea what that was all about.

Right now, Grimm is snoozing on his new couch, thinking about Mom. Pudge wants to wrestle, but Grimm can't even focus on having fun right now. Pudge doesn't understand. Puppies are dumb. And Mom is on her lunch break thinking about them too. After she works here for a while, she'll have the option of bringing the pups with her. While that would work wonderfully for one of them, the other would have a meltdown. That's going to make for a tough decision.