If you've ended up on this page, Grimm and his Mommy probably mean something to you. If you'd like to support their work, there are a few options to choose from:

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Patreon is probably the easiest way to support the blog. The site allows you to make a monthly pledge to creators whose work you love! There's a special offer for readers who commit to giving $3 per month. If that's too much for you, don't worry. You get to set your pledge amount!

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Grimm's mom is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. That means that of any purchase made through the banners on the bottom of every page, she gets a commission (even if it isn't pet supplies). All of those pennies can really add up!

Curious about Rover?

If you'd like to use the service...

New Rover users can get $20 towards their first stay by using the promo code GRIMMY20. It can be used towards any sitter, not just Grimm's mom. Doing so would even help this blog!

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If you'd like to become a sitter...

First off, congrats! This is turning out to be way more fun than Grimm's mom expected. Hopefully you'll like it too. It would help out this blog if you signed up through this link.

For information on how this will affect your life, check out the following posts from the blog archives:

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